Don’t Let This Myth Ruin Your Wedding!

Asian wedding photographyIt’s definitely a heartbreaking moment. When you finally get the wedding pictures you’ve been expecting for days, you just didn’t know what to say.

It was too awful after all that trust you put into the ‘natural Asian wedding photography’ your uncle has been bragging all over you. At that moment, you knew that you had made the wrong choice for your wedding pictures. It could’ve been better if you had gone and hired a professional wedding photographer.

It all started when…

Uncle came and offered you his generous help to take the wedding pictures. It’s not a hard thing to do, really, especially if the person that’s doing it enjoy the job. All you need is a nice camera and being there at the party.

Well, if only it was that simple. God knows what your uncle was thinking, but you will definitely be trying to call it off with your uncle right after this article.

Professional training

Professional photographers went through a series of training and long-time experience. It definitely was not as simple as having a camera and snapping nice things. They have to bear passion in photography and wedding parties.

Being the person they are, it makes them pretty serious in taking the job, such as paying attention to the party as someone from the outside rather than someone that is also enjoying the atmosphere. They have to detach themselves, yet, love the atmosphere they are in.

Photographer’s eye

A photographer’s eye in Asian wedding photography like is not an easy thing to get. Your uncle probably thought that looked nice, snap 2 or 3 pictures of it and leave to get a sip of champagne. Well, no one can blame him.

A photographer has to be constantly on the outlook. They cannot miss a moment because that will ruin the presentation of the wedding album later on. They will work alone or with a partner if they have, to try and manage to cover the whole party. In fact, it’s a must; the party does not wait for you to snap all its sparklers and laughter.

On the other hand, you also don’t need to fight with awful, outdated poses that your uncle is making you to do. Any professional knows the latest trend and they’d always ask your preference beforehand.

The small things you didn’t notice

And then there are side works that you never notice if you’re not pointed out to. Firstly, your uncle definitely won’t edit your pictures. Clean editing takes time; they have to copy the whole file from their camera to the computer. After editing, they will have to put them on a USB drive for you.

They also don’t really know what to do during the rehearsal, except testing their camera and see what they themselves should do. Any direction given by them aren’t exactly professional.

Last important thing is that they obviously don’t print a wedding album for you. In the event they do, they might not be able to do it as how you want it to turn out to be. This is important because Asian wedding photography style also depends on how the wedding album is presented.

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