Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

wedding photographyCongratulations of finally deciding to tie the knot! If you are reading this, you are probably at the planning stage of your wedding. Deciding on the wedding photography is a very big deal since it is an important aspect of the wedding. As you are skimming through wedding photography services and packages you take a small glance at the price and nearly suffer a heart attack. No one ever told you how expensive wedding photography really is. Well, at least now you know that availing such services would put a huge dent in your wallet. So, why is wedding photography so expensive? Wedding photography is a very intricate and a lot of variables come in to play. It isn’t all just about having pictures of your wedding snapped and printed. It requires a lot of time planning, energy executing and effort finishing.


One reason why the price of wedding photography is so high is because of the equipment your wedding photographer will be using to cover your wedding. Professional photography equipment doesn’t come cheap. Cameras alone can already cost more than a school’s tuition. Add in the fact that with a professional camera a photographer also needs professional lenses to do wedding photography. Yes, lenses. A wedding photographer should have at least three different lenses when covering a wedding and these things cost a fortune individually. Aside from those, a photographer has to have speed lights, tripods, and memory cards. He also needs to bring a back-up of all these things for emergencies. You don’t need to be a math wizard to know that adding up all of cost of these gears will give you a staggering number. If a wedding photographer needs all of these to do wedding photograph. You are partly shouldering the expense of these items.

Formal schooling

Another reason why wedding photography comes in crazy prices is because of the formal schooling your wedding photographer had to pay for to learn how to shoot. Yes, wedding photography is something that requires undergoing formal training. Wedding photographers had to attend different workshop and seminars on wedding photography in order to be certified. The fee for these classes isn’t low-cost at all. Formal training is what separates professionals from amateurs and if you want great wedding photography it would be wise if you chose the professionals. The fee you are paying your wedding photographer is their fee for these seminars and workshop.

Miscellaneous expenses

Lastly, it is important that you add up the miscellaneous expenses the wedding photographers will be shelling out from their own pockets. Nothing in this world is free. Wedding photographers have to consider paying their team, the advertisement medium they are using, the printers where they will print the photos not to mention their snacks and lunches. Consider also the huge phone bill and the transportation allowance. Add up all those and you’ll see exactly why wedding photographers need to charge a large sum. Don’t forget taxes and business legalities. They cost something as well. In the end, the price you’ll be paying will be worth it. You’ll get those timeless wedding photos and the wedding photographers will still have a roof on top of their heads. It is a win-win situation.

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