The Beauty Shots a Kent Photographer has to Take on the Wedding Day

Kent photographerA wedding day is comprised of an infinite amount of details and a lot of work that can go unnoticed. A Kent wedding photographer is on duty to capture those details and to make sure they are seen and remembered for a long time to come, especially when it comes to the fashion and the styling that is showcased on the day.

There are of course many shifting variables at play in each individual wedding, but here are some shots that photographers should make sure to put in front of the lens.


Brides tend to pay for styling and their own make-up artists, and they can spend hours being prepared in order to look flawless and camera-ready. Therefore, a great addition to the wedding album is photographing this process and its steps, paying attention to the transformation and to the work that goes into it, and the colours involved create a great element that the photographer can play with, both in close-up and wide angles. The preparation ritual is a mesmerising part of the day, and it provides a perfect sampling of lights and colours that would enrich any photographer’s palette.


Another stage of styling that requires a great deal of time and work is hair. Brides tend to opt for intricate hairstyles for their special day, from up-dos to soft waves that are usually paired with eye-catching jewellery and buttery soft veils. The Kent wedding photographer can focus on profiles and half-profiles of the bride that allow an in-depth look at one of her most important accessories.


Another part of the bride’s accessories is the manicure, which is usually very featured in the wedding photos as the essential complement to two other important items: the bouquet and the ring. Romantic and soft close-ups of the couple’s entwined hands feature heavily in wedding albums, and whether neutral or bold, the bride’s nails will add a layer of beauty and glamour.


It goes without saying that the bride’s wedding dress tends to be the showstopper, the star of the day and where all eyes are drawn. Many details of it, however, can be easily overlooked by capturing the bride in wide angles. From the material to the details in the fabric, to the accessories used to heighten it, such as dazzling sashes, lace veils, sparkling jewels sewn along the back, colourful flowers, and soft trains, there are many elements in the dress that are hypnotising. From the way it waits for the bride to wear it, to the way the bride looks in it before she steps into the ceremony, the photographer can add layers of depth and emotion by capturing the scope of the dress and experimenting with the composition of its elements, a way to showcase craft and capture the essence of the day.

Capturing beauty details is essential to creating a perfect wedding album, and a Kent wedding photographer is ready to do the job for you. To start the process of a perfect wedding day, visit

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