Wedding Hacks For Every Bride Out There

Always have an emergency wedding day kit.

wedding photographer CardiffAn emergency kit will save you from a lot of trouble. The wedding day will be rife with mishaps and little accidents and if you aren’t prepared for what is about to happen, this may take the joy away and might leave you feeling a bit unprepared and dissatisfied with how things turn out. Have a handy kit nearby so that you can have everything covered from the makeup touch-ups to basic stain removal to a basic sewing kit and so on and so forth. Think about all of the emergencies that you could possibly have as a bride during the wedding day and make it a point to get a little something packed in so that you will be prepared for anything that could possibly happen during the big day. You will look so much more relaxed and so much more carefree in your wedding photographer Cardiff shots if you know what you can take on anything that is coming your way during the big day. It’s hard to be a little frazzled when you know that you are being a girl scout all along.

Get a caterer to pack you meals on the go.

You probably will not have enough time to stop and eat a proper meal during the day of the wedding. You will be up early to get ready, rewrite your vows and rewrite them time and time again, and just be a busybody all throughout the day. you are going to need your strength since it will most likely be a whole day affair and not eating anything or forgetting to eat can be harmful for you and will leave you feeling light headed during the wedding. If you know that you just don’t have the time for it, have your meals packed on the go instead. This way, you can nibble on something while you are getting your makeup done or while you are on your way to the church or to the venue or something similar to that. You don’t have to eat anything heavy as this can leave you feeling bloated but you at least need to eat something so that you have enough strength to go through with the rest of the day so far.

Repurpose your floral arrangements.

You don’t need to pay for 2 sets of floral arrangements for the ceremony and the reception. You can have one set and repurpose them for both venues. Your guests won’t mind and your wedding photographer Cardiff certainly will be able to make the photos come out looking impressive regardless so you will still be able to make the most out of the situation at some point or so.

Go for candles as a part of your décor.

They are classy and timeless and something that doesn’t clash with any theme so far. For more impressive wedding photographer Cardiff shots of venues with tastefully chosen candles and other unique décor, check out Kate Adams Photography.

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