What Should Your Photography Packages Include

wedding photography yorkshireOne of the most important things to do before booking for your wedding photography Yorkshire is to know what you deserve. Is the price you’re paying worth the services and products you’re getting?

Check out the things that your wedding photography Yorkshire expert should include.

One/two dedicated shooters

Depending on the size of your party and ceremony, you may or may not need another shooter to help you cover the event. This demands a full understanding of how much a single shooter can do.

This is the rough idea: if your reception is going to be intimate and attended by less than 30 people, a single shooter is enough. Anywhere larger than that, two shooters will benefit you with more pictures and more choices to include on your wedding album.

Number of album/book

Books are typically cheaper than an album, but they can store more pictures. Albums, however, last much longer and is known to have a more exclusive design to them.

The number of albums you’ll be getting is also one factor to consider. Having extras to share with your parents is a good thing, especially because parents tend to get sentimental with seeing their children getting married and having a memento to keep.

Number of pictures

Some photographers include less than 500 pictures on the USB stick, while others provide you with up to 1,000 pictures. More means better, obviously. But this depends on the length of time you’re hiring them, as well as the number of shooters you will have.

Two shooters should be able to provide you with 600 to 1,000 pictures. Sometimes, there will be overlapping pictures, though they may come from different perspectives.

Length of time

Packages should at least include 4-hour coverage of the ceremony or the reception. Most couples book for an 8-hour session starting from when they prepare for the ceremony until the first dance.

The best option you should get is an unlimited hour of coverage on that day. This way, you won’t have to be pressured with time and try to fit in everything within 8 hours. You’ll also get more pictures of when the party ends and both of you leaving in a ‘We just got married’ car.

Some include a mini engagement package while others allow you to book a separate event to cover. These are some extras that you’ll love to add to your wedding collection.


Make sure that you are getting the full copyrights to your wedding pictures. Some photographers will hold the copyright to themselves, restricting you from printing them out or using them online forever.

Others will restrict for a certain amount of time, so until you get your copyrights, you won’t be able to print them out. These photographers will always have the pictures with them, so whenever you lost the pictures and need them again, you’ll have to ask them again from your photographer.

Online gallery

This is a great way to show your pictures to family members who live far away. Sharing passwords will allow them access to your private gallery and enjoy your pictures. Some photographers will also provide a slideshow for you and friends to enjoy looking at in a more personal event.

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